A Healthy and Tasty Drink – Green Tea

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I know exactly that losing weight and being healthy can be quite challenging. And whenever I find a way to get more quality results in greater time I use these little tricks over and over again. Green tea is a small little hack I have used for years.

Green tea is amazing drink that has amazing benefits to You and Your health!

Want to drink something, but not Water?

I truly get it. I drink proper amount of water every day and sometimes I just want to drink something different, but don’t want to ruin my healthy diet. For such occasions is green tea like a blessing. Some green teas have added fruit taste (my favorite is right now green tea with mango taste).

Moreover, as long as you don’t use any sweetener (sugar, honey, syrup) the green tea will help you lose weight and burn fat. The problem with sweeteners are that…

  1. … they add calories to your diet
  2. … sweeteners make Your body react to tea as it would to a regular sugary drink
  3. … as a conclusion – sweeteners suppress the fat burning benefits of the tea

So, the trick here is to find a green tea that You can drink without any sweetener. A green tea that tastes amazing for You. Believe me, such green tea exists, You just have to dive a little deeper in the tea world.

Is green tea magical drink that burns away all the fat and makes You slim?

Of course NOT! There’s nothing magical about the way green tea may affect the weight loss.

I have been a green tea drinker for years. Sometimes I drink a cup in day, some day I drink 5 cups of green tea, some day I don’t drink at all. However, I have lost more weight in those days than I drank at least one cup of tea, than days when I didn’t drink any cup.

Now, a BIG DISCLAIMER, I have lost weight without drinking green tea, and I have gained weight WHILE drinking green tea. The key really is the diet – when you eat clean healthy diet, green tea will benefit you greatly. However, when you eat an unhealthy diet then probably green tea will not do much good or bad for you.

How can green tea benefit You?

Green tea is most effective with clean healthy diet. It is very useful tool for weight loss, cleansing your body and achieving better health.

Green tea is a tasty drink that is an amazing alternative to water – it has basically ZERO calories and can help with speeding up metabolism and helping in fat burn.


As discussed in the post, green tea is not some magical tool, that will make a bad diet to a fat burning diet! Green tea is just a small hack to achieve more quality results in shorter time, but only with a healthy diet.

I am very thankful that green tea exists and that I have been able to drink something tasty, that has no calories and that helps me burn fat. I am thankful that I have been able to use this amazing drink in my journey.

Try it out yourself and let me know Your thoughts about this amazing drink.

Be positive – anything is possible!


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