Amazing vegan sauce and cream – Secret Ingredient!

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Recently I discovered this amazing source for vegan creams and creamy sauces.

This is really amazing! I love the taste – It’s really good nomatter how I prepare it!

The secret ingredient is – sunflower seeds! Omg – I know – they’re so cheap and so acessable and all these sauces end up tasting amazong.

First way – Regular white sauce

You just need 1dl (50g) sunflower seeds and 1,4dl to 2,4dl water.

You could let the seeds set in the water for overnight but I find it easier and tastier to heat them over low heat for 15 min. Then just blend water and seeds toghether and thats it. So easy and so yummy!

Second recipe

Content goes here.

Wonderful souce

Content goes here.

Creamy dessert

Content goes here.

Is it a whipped cream?

Content goes here.

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