Bigger Picture – Is it Health or Weight Loss?

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When I say “Bigger picture” I mean what You really want to achieve. It’s important to define what are the means to an end and what is the end-result You crave. My story with weight loss and healthy living desire has been quite a journey and I have still a lot to learn.

I must say, when I first started with losing weight and wanted to do it healthy I didn’t find any plan that would be fast and healthy. That was because the two are opposites most of the time. I’d love to say that, “Here, I have a way to healthy and fast weight loss,” but such way does not exist.

Weight loss can be healthy when carefully planned and composed. However, most of the time such balance is unable to achieve.

Weight Loss – is it end goal?

For me, Not!

It has never been an end goal for me. However, I have to say that it might be the reason why it has taken me so long to achieve the weight I desire. Maybe, if it had been my end purpose, I would have attacked my goal with bigger focus and achieved it sooner.

The big purpose has always been to be healthy and sometimes I feel that it slows down my weight loss.

Now, food for thought…

…can weight loss ever be healthy? After all, You are depriving Your body.

…which of the two is more unhealthy – fast and unhealthy weight loss or slow, so-called “healthy”, and bumpy weight loss?

Health as an end goal…

Health is extremely complicated topic, the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know anything!

Honestly, there is so much info on this topic that I am not sure what to believe. Who has been bought by the meat industry? What motivates to write posts? What is the base of shared data?

I am convinced that health should be the end goal for each and every one of You.

The biggest misconception about health is that, food tastes badly. Healthy food tastes amazing if you make it for yourself and use amazing herbs and spices. By the way, most herbs and spices are very healthy for you and your brain!


Let me know in the comments below, do You think that weight loss can be healthy and also, what kind of weight loss You’d have to used to be healthy and lose a nice amount of weight.

I am very interested in Your thoughts…

Have a sunny Day!


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