Don’t drink Sugar!!!

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Drinking sugar is very bad for your health for several reasons.

First of all, I want to point out that

Calories and Sugars you don’t even realise

Stay away from disguised sugary drinks like vitamin waters!

I know they look innocent but actually they are just prettily dressed devils. Honestly, the effect the vitamin waters and energy drinks have on your body is the same as if you were drinking Coca-Cola.

Sugar is sugar. You can hide it under the “useful vitamins and minerals”. However, the truth is, most of the vitamins and minerals don’t get absorbed in your body. Additionally, even when they do get absorbed, it comes for a such a high price – lots of sugar floating in your organism.

Do You think fresh juice is healthy?

Let’s look at the comparison:

1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice has 112 calories, 90% of those from carbs.

1 cup of Cola Soda contains 128 calories, 99% of those from carbs.

How has it helped me?

More stable blood sugar and it was much easier for me to quit sugar!


Drinking sugar is worse than eating because when you drink you don’t enjoy as much. Additionally, when we eat sweets we do it more mindfully than when we eat.

Have a wonderful day!


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