Healthy Eating – Dicipline or A Good Recipe

Healthy Eating – Dicipline or A Good Recipe

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In my opinion Healthy Eating has much more to do with discipline than just a good recipe.

Searching for The Good Recipe

At first, when I started my journey to healthy eating I searched all the time for healthy recipes. I usually didn’t use them but I saved them or wrote down to my notepad. I have til this day lots of those notes. Looking up info about health was one of my daily habits. However, new and exiting recipes were as regular in my daily search as information about health. I can say with hand on my heart that although recipes helped to design my knowledge about healthy eating, I got main info – the important info – from other sources.

As a result, I can say that searching for recipes are just our interests and not actually necessary for eating healthy.

My suggestion for you is to think which ingredients you want to use and how long are you able to prepare food and than CREATE your own recipe with those conditions. Yes, sometimes it’s OK to search for recipes but keep in mind only sometimes.


A good recipe or a good excuse

A lot of times I have had a problem – I want to make good healthy food by an amazing recipe, but when I am not able to find a recipe that fills my conditions than I just eat or make any food that is in my way. Thereby, I usually end up with not eating healthy at all.

Sometimes I would even use the word ‘distraction’ to describe the search for a good recipe. It is very easy to get lost in the search and lose the purpose. I have discovered me searching for those little devils for hours :).

I have been designing my own recipes for a while now. Making own recipes is actually very easy. The key is in taking usual food / recipe and replacing unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. Another trick is adding salad / vegetables to make recipe healthier.


How could a good recipe help with your goals?

I must say having one or two amazing recipes has saved my day for many times. Those moments when you need food and quickly – when you have at that moment some fast recipe you can make, it is such a blessing.

So in the end, I agree that recipes can be of good service, just to keep in mind that recipes should not design your life. Especially, having or not having a recipe shouldn’t determine whether you are healthy or not.


Discipline is hidden hero to all achievements

I am convinced that great discipline will overcome every obstacle. Those moments I described above when you need healthy food quickly and you don’t have it – what will you do? Give up and eat what’s in your way or stay hungry until can eat what is healthy? Well, I am sure you know what you should do, but whether you do it or not depends on your discipline.

If you can stay on track and don’t betray your goals than you have one more successful day. And lots of successful days in a row create a successful year and lots of successful years in a row creates successful life.



What are the steps to increase discipline?

Three easy steps are the following:

  1. Make a decision
  2. Keep that decision – stay COMMITTED to that decision!
  3. At the hard moments – when you feel decision is weak and starts to break, just come back to your commitment a keep that decision burning!

Those steps are not simple to do. However, when you manage to end as a winner, I promise the reward is better than you think. If you need any help with that you can always write me at and feel free to comment down below.



To Sum Up

A good recipe will never be as useful to you and your goals as will be the discipline by which you act. As described above, searching for a good recipe might even be harmful to your goals when searching becomes a distraction. A good recipes might save you but a good discipline will always save you!

What is amazing with discipline is that you can always train it to be better – it’s not easy but it’s possible.

Should you have any comments feel free to share them below!

Happy practicing and good luck! I hope you achieve your goals!






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