Healthy For You!

Healthy For You!

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My one and only wish for You is that, You want to be healthy for You! Not for your mom, not for your boyfriend or your spouse.


I believe in the power of thought. Thoughts have had quite an effect in my life. Same action, same plan, but different thoughts and amazingly enough different results.

Right now, I am on a vegan diet and I feel free and unrestricted, but when I tried before to be a vegan, give up meat and milk-products, I felt restricted and deprived. This is really interesting for me.

  • The intention I had before was,
    • “I think this could do good for me and I should try it.”
  • My intention now has been,
    • “I am committed to use vegan diet for my benefit!”

I suggest you think through what you have to gain from committing to healthy lifestyle, and what could you lose from it, that is so precious for you right now. Is it good or bad thing? What could healthier substitute that could have?

Also, think and reason, what should be your way. Don’t be healthy for other, if it doesn’t work for you.

Find the reason that ignites you from the inside to be that way. For example, it is very easy for me to be a vegan right now.

The right way for You

You can test different diets like high-fat, high-carb, vegan, paleo, just eat what you like and much more. When you find a diet that is easy for you to embrace then look what you are eating

  1. Is it real food?
  2. Does it contain lots of nutrients?

When one or both answers are “No”, then I sincerely suggest You make changes to Your diet. If both answers are “Yes”, then keep going until Your body starts to demand a change. This might happen after two weeks, after two months, after 2 years, after 20 years or it might never happen. However, as long as You follow your body’s demands, You will be fine. Even better than fine!

What’s Your purpose?

My purpose is to be slim, fit, healthy and energized, my partners purpose is to gain muscle and be healthy. These goals seem similar but actually demand different action plan. At least the way I see it.

I am convinced that there is no right way for everyone. There are lots on varieties for a healthy diet. Each of them seem to have in common a few things, like:

  1. Nutrient density – very high in nutrients for a relatively small amount of calories. Nutrients such as complex carbs, lean proteins, healthy fats, and of course vitamins and minerals. All the veggies are nutrient dense.
  2. Real food – food that is as similar to its natural form. Less complex-named ingredients in Your food, the better. Your Cooked foods are still quite similar, especially when compared with bakery ingredients like flour, white refined sugar and milk powder.

Other than those two similarities, the views are quite controversial. For example, there has been lots of studies to show how good is milk and milk-products and how milk protein is very beneficial. However, I seriously doubt these studies are unbiased.

Doctors with authority have been expressing quite interesting point of views:

  • Some say, meat is bad, veggies and beans are good. Some say beans are poisonous even after cooked properly and you shouldn’t eat them at all.
  • Some say healthy oils are good and you should add olive oil everywhere, some say oil is the reason you are fat.
  • Some say you shouldn’t eat whole grain, while some say you should eat everything wholegrain.

So what should You believe????

My solution is this:

Listen to Your body!

I really believe it is the right decision my boyfriend started to eat meat again. However, right now I am convinced that it is the right decision for me to be a vegan! We have different backgrounds, different microbiomes and what’s more important, we have been giving our bodies quite different experiences. Therefore, I believe, our bodies have a bit different way of energy consumption and production.


Scientists have yet to prove, what’s healthy and what’s not. Therefore, you must discover the way to Your health by testing and listening the reactions of Your body.

The thoughts may be Your biggest allay, or Your biggest enemy. Since you are the master of your mind and body, take control. Reason and think through, what is or could be healthy for You and what’s not.

Make your decisions smartly and commit to the solution.

I wish all the best for You!


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