Healthy Living – What is Healthy Lifestyle about

Healthy Living – What is Healthy Lifestyle about?

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Living Healthy. What is Healthy Lifestyle about?

In this article I am going to explain what Healthy Lifestyle means to me and what are some simple tips that have served me and many others very well. I have researced a lot about healthy living and eating. What I write in this article is what I have researched and what has worked for me the best! Try it out and let me know what works for you!


Growth vs. Balance


I have never felt as good as I do now, when I am focused on developing my skills and creating the life of my dreams! I really believe that growth, self-development and progress, are the key to fulfilling, happy and healthy life.

Balanced means “having different elements in the correct proportions”. However, I can not agree with the correct proportions. I think the proportions have to change all the time according to your goals and needs at the time. Additionally, creating your life, designing every aspect of your life, will cover what others call balancing. Just that, balancing sounds like you go to work and after that you need to sit on the couch and watch TV because you need to balance your life. Doesn’t it sound silly? Let me know what you think about “balance” in the comments below! ????


You are what you absorb!


I strongly believe that the foods you eat affect everything in you life – your mood, focus, energy, body and health. The Foods are most important when it comes to healthy lifestyle. Everything else counts of course as well, but foods affect our lives the most.

Although, most of us understand food is the most important. It is hard to say how exactly you should eat, since we have been flooded with all the different diets, meal plans and viewpoints. Which is only logical because we all absorb different nutrients from the same foods. I sincerely believe that one thing can be healthy for one and unhealthy for other.

Nevertheless, one thing I can say clearly: vegetables and real foods are the key! All my weight loss efforts and tests have shown that when I eat REAL food it’s quite easy to feel full and satisfied. Then again, when I tried to eat only protein bars and healthy snack bars I was always craving for “just another bar”. Therefore, I suggest if you want to live healthy, be satisfied after meal and maybe even lose some weight, eat mostly REAL foods.


Now, what I mean by REAL food?


I mean organically grown, pesticide free food that don’t have a label. Protein bars all have a label – believe me, I have checked most of them 🙂 Bananas, however, don’t have a label. If you want to eat meat you can, but not the processed type, only meat that still looks like meat :).

This doesn’t mean that you have to give up all the “tasty and yummy” foods! No, not at all! You just have to learn a bit how to make yummy foods yourself! For example, before I didn’t even know such amazing herbs and spices exist. Here is the list you should put into action as soon as possible: turmeric, saffron, sage, cinnamon, basin, thyme, oregano, garlic, ginger, rosemary. What’s most amazing about them is that they are really good for you. Take oregano for example – it has 30 times the antioxidant value of raw blueberries, isn’t it cool or what? 😀 😀

To sum up, if you learn to cook most foods yourself and you use healthy ingredients, you can upgrade your life. The real foods doesn’t have a label and last, but not least, you don’t have to give up flavor with processed foods – you just have to learn other ways to flavor up your foods 😉


Exercise – mistaken for weight loss tool


I know that exercising is essential for health but not for weight loss. I have lost most of the weight without exercising – only by eating healthy! Working out sure helps with weight loss, but it works most efficiently when combined with eating right. Exercising helps body to grow strong and resistible. It also helps to get toxins out of the body. And all of that keeps diseases away!

Exercise – I mean mostly the physical activity and exertion – gives self-confidence and self-belief. This is also essential for healthy life. As you can see, there are lots of health benefits in working out!

Everything in life is important!


It is Your life. Not just exercising, not just balancing, not just one thing! We, humans learn so fast, absorb new info so quickly that if we focus only on one thing we start to feel empty. What is healthy lifestyle about? In my opinion it is about creating the life you desire!

Healthy is what will get you most exited, most energized all the time and so to say keep the blood pumping in your veins. I really believe that, in order to experience fulfillment, happiness and true healthy life, we must be passionate about many things. For me, some of the many things include: health, my hobbies, family, my goals, getting my income flowing and constantly making my body strong, fit and beautiful.

Now, you may think “It’s exhausting”. And I agree, sometimes it’s hard to stay healthy, to not eat processed foods, to work out time to time. But I can tell from my own experiences, when I start taking action, my energy gets renewed and I feel alive again 🙂




Healthy Living is about creating Your life. It’s about eating healthy, exercising, making your body strong and resistant and giving yourself full permission to be yourself, fulfill all your dreams. Everything is possible and your dreams were given to you and only you for a reason.
Healthy eating and exercise are important just because they affect your energy the most! And energy is needed for achieving all the things you want.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions, or if you want to share what healthy lifestyle means for you or you want to argue with my thoughts please leave a comment below! ????????????

I wish you all the best!



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