How much Water do You really need to drink?

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I love how water tastes – I have loved water from my childhood till this day. I really believe water is very nutritious and wonderful thing, and I am very grateful we have such a wonderful beverage.

However, I must confess I have been using water as a weight loss tool. I have trained myself to drink more water than I actually need and I can really honestly tell you – it works, but it isn’t meant for this. Water isn’t some miracle cure you can use after binging on a huge meal.

What happened after I trained myself to drink more?

I was and kind of still am in the need of drinking something all the time.

The need to always keep my glass near. Even if I have no possibility to drink water I usually find some other beverage to drink, like green tea or sometimes coffee.

It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that such need to drink is really too much. I have gotten used to remind myself to drink which in and of itself is a good thing, but drinking that much each and every time is not.

I got up to 8 and 9 liters of water in a day – crazy, right?

This is really not recommended you drink that much…

…nothing bad happens directly from it, but You just don’t need that much!

This means when you drink too much You are forcing your body to work extra time which is really unnecessary!

So how much do you need?

Simple answer is 1,5-2 liters a day.

A bit more personalized answer is:

  1. Your weight in pounds divided by 2 is about the max you should drink
  2. Your weight in pounds divided by 4 is the minimum ounces you should drink in a day

I weigh about 120 pounds right now – so I should drink about 30-60 ounces of water (0,8-1,7 liters per day).

I have cut down my water consumption to 2-2,5 liters per day, but I still have some work to do 😀


Water is very important and wonderful beverage! However, we don’t need to overextend ourselves – I am convinced that if you listen to Your body – drink when you need, eat when you need and stop when feeling full/ satisfied You will be healthy.

Leave a comment below – How much do You usually drink water?

Happy and Successful listening!


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