How To Fast for Healthy Weight Loss

How To Fast for Healthy Weight Loss

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What is fasting? Well, defines fasting as a willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period.” Basically fasting is not eating or eating very little.

There are different ways to fast, but basis is always the some: you don’t eat at all, or eat very little for some period. I suggest you do either 5:2 or fast one whole day in week or you could do a thing I have been using for some time now.

I describe these few methods now. Please feel free to try them out, alter them the way you like and definitely let me know down below, what works best for you ????????????

Firstly, 5:2 is a plan, where you eat normally 5 days a week and other two you eat up to 500 calories a day. I myself find it a bit hard to do, but it has become very popular and quite effective.

Secondly, you could eat normally 6 days a week and one whole day – 24 hours fast, which means you do not eat anything, and drink only very low calorie drinks like water, green tea and black coffee.



I will bring you some examples from the past. Since churches and spiritual communities are the ones who have hundreds of years of recorded history, then these examples are from spiritual communities. However, they describe very well the output and power of fasting we too aim to achieve.

In Buddhism so-called fasting has been used for centuries. It is known as a way to center your focus, get free from distracting desires, and a way to purify your body.

In Christianity, so-called fasting has been a part from yearly rituals. Also, it has been always a good way to see the bigger picture – for one period focus only on what you can GIVE, not what you can GET.

In Islam fasting has been used to GET AWARENESS, which is exactly what we aim to do. We want to lose weight without having to focus on it all the time. We want to have beautiful body and on the some time we don’t want to spend a lot of time and energy on it.


Why fasting is Healthy?

There are many reasons why fasting is healthy. I will bring out ones that matter to me the most. There have been lots of studies that show fasting quite healthy way to lose weight. Especially, when fasting is combined with healthy eating and healthy lifestyle overall.

Fasting is a way to your white blood cells to be replaced with new ones. Which basically means your immune system will be stronger after a fast. Fasting is healthy because i reduces your cholesterol and lowers your blood pressure, which results in your better health, and more resistible immune system.

You may also say that fasting is healthy, because it helps your body to freshen and cleanse itself. A pleasant byproduct is that you burn fat and lose weight. Also, usually muscle mass stays untouched. So if you lose weight with fasting, then it is purely from reduced water weight and burned fat. A good news, right? 😀


Will you feel hunger?

Yes, you will feel some hunger, especially at first. However, there are many reasons why it is totally OK to ignore it. Firstly, our body has its inner clock and this clock is only partially connected to real need for food. Secondly, the fat cells have most of the nutrients your body needs to stay alive and healthy. So if you burn fat you don’t really need any food, because food is already there 🙂

Hunger is only in your head, if you ignore, it will past very soon. The longer you are without food, the less you will desire it. I understand – this sounds crazy! 🙂 However, think about it for a second: sugar makes us crave even more sugar, carbohydrates make us more hungry. If you don’t eat them, thy can not make you crave food, logical? 🙂


How to stay on track?

I suggest you set a goal, for example I will fast for the next 16 hours – 8 while I am awake and the remaining 8 while I sleep. Setting a goal, makes it easier to stay on track even when hunger kicks in!

You can plan how you fast. Better option is you won’t eat at all while fasting. Then again, if you must eat something eat fat and protein.
My example, I ate normally 5 days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and on Monday and Thursday I ate only 2 hard boiled eggs with 4 slices of cheese. Cheese is fat and protein and eggs are mostly protein with small amount of fat -both are weight loss friendly and help you keep burning fat. Should you eat sugar or carbohydrates in the two days of fast, weight loss will be significantly smaller.

Once you have decided how you will fast – focus on other activities! Focus on work, or on your hobbies. I find it a great deal easier to stay on fast, while I am committed to working or creating something exiting!

Water – your best friend!

Water is the healthiest drink on earth! It is essential for life – it helps to cleanse out all the rubbish and toxins from our organisms. Additionally, it reduces hunger, keeps skin beautiful, boosts immune system and drinking water by itself is very weight loss propitiating.

Also I feel, I must point out, that it is the one drink you can’t over drink – to over drink water you should drink 24 liters in 24 hours! I have drank lots of water, but this much I haven’t been able to swallow 🙂

While I fast I always drink lots of water. This makes me feel full – I don’t feel as hungry, and it gives my mouth some activity :P. I really love to eat – if I can stop eating so can you!


Fasting is a healthy way to cleans out organism from toxins and fat a body does not need. I want to point out in this post I am mostly focusing on fasting up to 24 hours – you can fast more if you like, but just for healthy weight loss fasting for 8 to 24 hours is optimal.

Fasting is an excellent way to lose weight – it does not take much time, money and preparation. Fasting does not take a lot of focus and it helps to burn fat, keep all you muscle mass (a thing that usual diets can’t achieve), and give a great lesson of better discipline. All that makes you more self-confident and make you respect more of yourself!

Thank you so so much for reading. If you have any questions or you want to share what is your fasting routine, please leave a comment below! ????

Have a nice day!





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