How To STOP Eating

How To STOP Eating

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This article is how to STOP eating mindlessly. Maybe you want to stop eating because you know you have already overeaten, or because you know you should not eat but you can not stop thinking about food. Maybe you feel full but still want to eat more. Or maybe you just want to fast for a while but are unable to control your desires. If anything from the list sounds familiar – then read this post to the end! You will get a great strategy to stop eating when you want.

I know this works because I have had same problems and this strategy I am about to cover has really helped me to overcome my desires. Fasting is one of the hardest thing, at least for me – it is easy to eat, but it’s so HARD not to eat. That’s why I will bring out in this article these 7 simple steps. I know that they work, I have tested them!
This post will help you get things under control – change your habits and your way of thinking!

1. Define Your Goal – What You want to achieve?

Firstly, it is important that you define WHAT you want to achieve with NOT eating. Maybe it is a better focus, self-confidence or maybe you want to get rid of bad habits like overeating, snacking or mindless eating.

It’s important that you know what will the effort give you – what is the prize!


2. Define Your Reason – Why You NEED to Stop?

That is a step I practise all the time – I always define WHY I do this certain thing. Knowing your reasons is vital in committing to your goal. Believe me, I have taken the same actions with purpose and without. A defined reason gave me strength to go further with bigger commitment and therefore I achieved better results, while doing things without reason made me only wander around with no certain outcome.

So here are some questions to help you:

  • Why achieving you goal is important for You?
  • How will you feel, when achieved you goal?
  • What are the benefits of achieving the end result?
  • What depends on You and Your performance?

3. Select a Period

Think about what kind of fast you want to do – a little fast on a regular basis or one long-time fast? Basically how long do you choose not to eat and how frequently do you choose to fast 🙂

A regular basis fasting, for example, is that, for the past several months I have lost weight very efficiently with fasting through dinner till breakfast. (Have you ever thought where has the word “breakfast” come from – maybe because after 8 hours of fasting or in simpe language sleeping, you BREAK the FAST = BREAKFAST :))

The other period you might stop eating is one long-time fast. If you are interested in that then I suggest you select a perioad where you are at least 6 hours awake plus hours you sleep.

So choose how will you do this – one longtime fast or frequent shorter 😀

4. Figure out Your Weak Spots

After I went to work as a waitress I had many challenges with the cakes this cafe sold. We had to clean the cake fridge every night. After I started to analyze my weak spots I found that this every nights routine was one of my biggest weaknesses. So each night I was at work and had to clean this fridge I started to build my inner strength through focusing on my goals and making great job as an employee. Also, I found if I had somebody to speak to (boyfriend, friend) it was easier to overcome my weakness.

I suggest you analyze what’s distracting you, or rather what is making you think about food so much that you start to think it’s OK if you eat that cake. Is it some feeling, a situation, a timing, an action (like my cleaning routine). I am sure there is an antidote towards failing in that certain situation.

A great tip: use wristband to wake you up from you desires and get you focused on your goal again.

One easy thing is: if you don’t have junk food in home you can’t eat it. However, it has a catch, sometimes you have to be in environment where you have to be around food you should not eat. Keep in mind, nobody can tell you to eat when you do not let them!

5. Find Your Focus!

I have discovered that the easiest way is to focus passionately on something else if you want to fast. For example, I focused on being a good employee and making the fridge as clean as possible.

One group of situations I always feel obligated to eat is events and nights out with my friends. There is my solution to focus on enjoying the event and great company – to be a great friend, to listen and to share value.

So you see, what you focus on expands. If you focus on desire to eat, it will expand so big that you can not stop eating. Then again, if you shift you focus on you being the best you can be, being a great friend, or becoming the best in a hobby, you will get better in those things.

6. Make a decision!

Now make the summary: write down you goal, why you want to achieve it, how long have you decided to fast and what will be your main focus (just focusing on not eating has never worked for me)!

Decide deep inside that eating RIGHT NOW everything is not as important as the goal you want to achieve!

7. Remake Your decision every day!

And now – the most important step of these seven – remake you decision every day! Remake it as often as you need. Remake it when you start thinking on things you know you shouldn’t.

Because You are the only one who has to live with you THE WHOLE LIFE! You are the only one who can make changes in your life and You are the only one who can make a decision in your life!


Thank You

Thank you so much for reading! Hope that you got value and that you have better focus and that you will be able to stop eating whenever you want to stop!

If you have any questions or you want to share what helps you overcome desire to eat, please let me know in the comments below! ????????????

See you soon! 😀






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