Can weight gain be healthy?

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For a few last years, I have been in the mindset that overweight people are very unhealthy and undisciplined. I know that each of us can make the choices for ourselves, that’s why I didn’t judge them – I just didn’t want to gain any weight!

So I have been trying to lose weight constantly for the last three years. However, I might have taken it too far. I haven’t got a period for the last two and a half years, at least not natural. This became a BIG indicator for me that I wasn’t that healthy as I thought I am.

I became across an awesome Youtuber ThisGirlAurda. She shares a very generous amount of info and experiences through her videos and ebooks. I bought one and followed every step in that book to get my period back and become healthier.

One of those steps is to stop restricting yourself. I must say it was the hardest for me. However, since I had decided to do everything that this book said. So I did my best to as be kind and loving towards myself as I could (also a suggestion in this book).

Before that, I judged myself hugely for eating chocolate that I craved or that super creamy, super cheesy pasta. But then, as I said, I did my best and it worked –  I got my period back.

The huge fear for me was that I would gain weight doing that. Which did happen, but I understood, what really is healthy and that healthy and needed weight gain is nothing to be afraid of. I just gained back the necessary weight I had “exercised or restricted off” before.


I am extremely grateful for ThisGirlAudra for this awesome and simply very helpful ebook.

I don’t see weight gain as a bad thing anymore. I just understand that for some, gaining weight might be exactly the thing they need to do. ESPECIALLY, when the main goal is to be healthy!

Have a wonderful day!

Be healthy, be happy!:D


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