Is Biohacking useful?

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I recently came across with the term biohacking – basically hack your health/ body/ eating to be healthier and better in every way.

This is an interesting topic. I have always thought that we should all listen to our body and act by the way body teaches us.

How does it work?

Biohacking is quite simple – eliminate basic unhealthy foods for a while like 3 weeks or so and ten start to add them in one by way. The main gain here is you can unbiasedly understand how your body reacts to different ingredients, like soy, dairy, gluten and so on.

The part of elimination is essential to understand what your body really craves and what your body really needs and what makes you really feel uncomfortable.

After few weeks you can start testing one by one – does dairy, for example, change your well-being or not.

Is it useful?

I always think, whether something is useful by my own purpose:

– If your purpose is to have more energy, feel more confident and a better mood every day – than YES, biohacking is very useful, because you can start feeling really much better in any way.

– If your purpose is to lose weight than biohacking can be useful, but not as effective as just following weight loss diet!

– If you have no strictly defined purpose, than it may not be the right thing you want to test, because you might feel disappointment towards yourself when you fail.


Biohacking can be very useful, when your purpose is to gain better health and energy and happier mood.

Leave your thought below!

To better health!


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