Lifestyle VS Diet

Lifestyle VS Diet

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Diet can be very useful, however, to be completely and entirely successful in life then all areas need some toning up. That’s why in my opinion there are lots of reasons to change your lifestyle not just a diet.

Can just “The Right Diet” make you healthy?

In my opinion NO. I will explain my thoughts right away…

… I have tried only diet – well, it didn’t get me very far. One thing for sure, I got quite close to my goal. However, it didn’t last very long. Since my body wasn’t fit and I couldn’t keep the changes I made.

Here are 3 points, why I am convinced that only Diet will not get you the result you desire:

  1. I have changed my diet (what I eat), but still gained weight, because my attitude wasn’t right – I didn’t commit to my goals, which led me to believe I can eat “health foods” as much as I want and don’t have to work out.
  2. Even if I eat right but don’t work out (don’t build muscle), then only one mistake is enough and everything I have been working for comes crumbling down.
  3. Diet is necessary tool for healthy lifestyle, but this is only one piece of puzzle – to make the picture beautiful and complete other pieces are as necessary as the diet is!

What difference does it make, if I focus just on Diet VS my whole Lifestyle?

Well, first of all, focusing on your diet can make big changes, if you really achieve the changes you want. So I am not saying that diet is unimportant. However, what I am trying to say here is that, if you are not working out, if you are not changing the way you think and if you are not focusing on developing you, then as far as I have seen, those efforts are for nothing.

Only changing the diet by itself will never be as effective and as sustainable as will be changes in your lifestyle.


Changing my whole lifestyle – What does it mean?

Changing my whole lifestyle means changing the way I do basic things – changing the food, changing the amount of food, changing the way I think and the way I reason my actions. It also includes adding some workout to my life.

To change your life – define who you are…
… are you the one who is known to be always healthy always good-looking, always dedicated to your goals

… or are you the one who is known to eat what he/ she can, and is always the same?

If you build your life instead of building only part of it, then you have much bigger space for making mistakes…
…you are committed and the bigger dedication makes the chance of failure a lot smaller, if not impossible.

…because you have different ways to create healthier life and food is only one of it some missteps can be corrugated quite quickly – before they become fatal.

Another bonus that focusing on your lifestyle will bring is:

– the bigger goal will fuel you and give you a bigger motivation/ inspiration to achieve YOUR GOALS! ❤️❤️❤️

Where to start?

Changing your life starts very easily – think about what you want to achieve and where you want to be within the next 5, 10 years:

– Which person are you known to be?

– What kind of lifestyle you want to have?

– Which body you want to have?
– What kind of mindset do you want to have?
– What are your habits?


Changing only one part of the life can never be as effective as will be the whole lifestyle creation.

Change your thoughts and change your life






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