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A few weeks ago I didn’t even know what this is. I thought that maca powder is something related to cacao. As it comes out, I was mistaken.

What is Maca?

Maca powder is made from the plant that is relative to radish. The root is the part of the plant that is used in medicine. Maca plant grows in Peru in the high plateaus of Andes Mountains.

Interesting thing is that in this area has Maca plant quite a history. To be exact, it has been cultivated as a vegetable crop over 3000 years. I guess that tribes in there have a nice, healthy “flourishing” sex drive 🙂

Endless health benefits

Maca tastes very good – it is excellent ingredient for healthy smoothie, or healthy sweet treat. I found Maca because I wanted to make these healthy, vegan balls. And by the way, the balls really taste amazing, so honestly, definitely worth to try. I promise, you will soon have this amazing ball recipe too :).

Maca is a super food for a reason. This is a very nutrient dense plant, and the health benefits are so broad that I don’t even know where to start…

For me, Maca is an amazing woman supplement – it boosts sex drive and balances hormones. The effect maca has had on my period is also amazing.

Secondly, This powder has already (within 9 days) proven its value. I feel that maca truly boots mood and energy. I bet that hormonal effects are tied with the energy factor.

Thirdly, maca helps to build muscle, it increases athletic stamina, and it improves memory. Also, I feel that I point out that, maca is energizing which of course comes in handy when wanting to take the max from Your workout.

Maca also has said, to improve skin and hair, which I really look forward to experiencing myself 🙂

Fun fact is that, Maca has higher calcium level than milk, which also makes it awesome supplement for all the vegans.

So basically, Maca is good for:

  • Your hormones and energy
  • Your looks (hair, nails, skin) and muscles
  • Your fertility
  • Your memory and brain function


What I learned from it is that Maca powder is definitely a supplement I feel the NEED to use in my everyday life. I find it really interesting that until now I have just looked around Maca, because now I know how useful and PRACTICAL it is for me to use in my life!

Let me know Your thoughts and comments down below! What have You experienced when using Maca powder?

Have a sunny day!


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