My experiences after committing to being Vegan!

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In this post You can read about my real and uncensored experiences about being vegan. I have been vegan for two weeks and honestly, I don’t want to go back. Read forward to know why…

First thing I want to point out is that my purpose is not just to be vegan, but to be a healthy person. Right now I just feel that committing to plant-based eating (veganism) is the best decision I could have made for my health.

So.. I am not just vegan but a healthy eater, who avoids highly processed foods, meat, dairy, eggs, fish and any animal product. And I can tell You – so far, so Good!

I made that decision for Me

Why I made the decision to be vegan?

…. I must say – to Your disappointment maybe – I am much more interested in my health than the health of animals or the planet. Of course, I somewhat care about those too.

I have never had real cravings for meat, and therefore, it was quite easy for me to give up meat. And after those two weeks I want to eat it even less! Moreover, although cheese was really one of my weak spots, after understanding that cheese is just as additive as sugar, I have no desire to eat cheese! (At least not real cheese – I might want to try some plant-based “cheese”).

To conclude, I feel that because I made that decision for me and I have succeeded so far, it has really given me more self-confidence and belief in me. Also, I feel that I am not just an activist, I feel that because I take better care of me, I can take better care of others and the world as a whole!

This decision is one of the best decisions I have made!

What have I experienced in those two weeks?

First of all, I feel that it is much easier to lose weight on a vegan diet than other diets I have tried. However, I need to add, that in this period I have tried different vegan desserts and processed vegan foods – those add on weight just like a regular dessert of processed food.

I think it is one of the biggest misconception in health industry – a calorie is still a calorie even when it comes from a healthier ingredient. For example, I ate wholegrain vegan pizza – my weight went up just like it has risen with eating regular pizza.

Second of all, I must say that the first few days and sometimes even now, I feel my body adapting to beans and other different foods I didn’t eat before. Sometimes I feel bloated and especially at first days my bowel movements increased dramatically. The best part in that whole thing is that when I ate meat and dairy products I sometimes experienced similar feeling, but I never felt so light and energized at the same time.

I truly feel those few inconveniences have paid off greatly!

Veganism as a diet VS Veganism as a mindset

Those two weeks I have used veganism as a mindset, not a diet. I don’t feel restricted, because I don’t look animals as a food anymore. Additionally, this mindset includes whole foods:

…. I eat as much whole foods as I can!

What I mean “Veganism as a diet”:

  • Don’t care about what kind of impact the vegan food has to environment or to your health!
  • With this attitude I could just eat highly processed foods just because they are not animal-products

What I mean “Veganism as a mindset”:

  • I care about my health
  • I don’t eat the food just because it’s vegan – I eat such vegan food that rules my body well!


When you think about going vegan. Think first, what you gain from that decision? Is Your health important to You? Is the environment and planet health important to You?

After making decision truly commit to it!

Believe me – Your body will thank You!

Let me know what are Your experiences with being vegan in the comments below!

Be strong! Be special!


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2 Responses to My experiences after committing to being Vegan!

  1. I love to see how your mindset has changed now!!! Seems like somebody *points at myself* has done great work promoting healthy food and lifestyle. I feel proud of us – We are the team HEALTHY and HAPPY!!!
    This is exactly how you commit to a decision. You use your mind for every step you go through 🙂


    • Hi Melissa!

      Thank You so much for all the support You have offered me!
      Working as a team is a great advantage that I am very grateful for!

      Thank You!

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