Short term pleasure VS Long term happiness

Short term pleasure vs long term happiness

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Short term pleasure vs long term happiness – what do you focus on? Do you agree that it is related to your success in life? What do you think is the better way.

Short term pleasure vs long time happiness in the desire to be healthy would be…

…to eat that amazing warm cupcake right now or enjoy your strong and vital body later.

In every walks of life there is a choice to enjoy short term pleasures or to have long-term happiness. I am convinced that long term thinking is very much rewarded and therefore, especially in health, you need to focus on long-term happiness.

In this article I am going to:

  1. Why you need to start right now? You’ve got only one chance
  2. What happens if you stay on thinking only for short term pleasures?
  3. What are the benefits in thinking long term?
  4. When should you start – today or tomorrow?

One life = one chance to achieve greatness.

We have only one life and therefore only one chance to keep our body pure, vital and strong. You don’t get to choose a different body when half of your life is up. When you have been just wasting and trashing it you might want another chance but as far as I have heard no one gets another body.

The only way to stay beautiful and vital is to train your mind and your body to be strong and fuel them with food that heals and empowers them. Food is a great influencer. Recent studies have found that humans are basically 90% of bacteria. They have also found that an unhealthy and healthy person have different bacteria. This means that Food matters a lot!


Do You have Whatever it takes?

I feel like I should make it clear that long term focus might seem like a harder way but actually it isn’t.

Think about it for a second. When you eat crap and don’t train your mind, where will you be in 20 years? You will probably have chronic diseases – you have to take medicine every day just to function. You probably will have difficulty in doing everyday actions and you probably are unable to enjoy physical activities because of your diseases.

Another important thing you should consider is that, you probably have some difficulty in making money, work might be hard for you and increasing your income seems impossible. Think about your dreams – where did you want to travel, what have you always dreamed to do – all of those become impossible, if not because of your health than because of your money problems.

Is that price you have to pay to live full and happy life really that high, or does it seem to high only because you haven’t seen the reality – the real benefits and real disadvantages you could deal with?


What do you gain when focusing on long term?

There are lots of benefits in long term focusing:

– One of the biggest gains is self-confidence – as you keep going you keep achieving and as you keep achieving you become more amńd more confident because each goal that gets done gives you a bit confidence.

– Second best reward is that you have vital and strong body – you can do what you want even when you are old 🙂
– What you gain are the experiences and successes that you had to have along the way
– You get to live long, you get to live healthy and you get to live problem-free!
– Because of your strong mind and strong spirit you could be earning more than you ever have been in a very old age. Think about what would you do with that money – think about how many people would you be able to help?

Amazing day – today or tomorrow?

I know what you think…

…let’s start tomorrow!

I suggest you really don’t! If you start tomorrow and then again tomorrow then actually you won’t start at all. And although your plans and goals were great you are actually going down the path that leads to disease, money and all kinds of problems. So start today!

Today is a fantastic day! Today is the Perfect day to start the next chapter in your life. Set your targets and get going. The path is really easier than you think. I will give you two weapons to your journey that will help you to achieve more and at a faster pace:

1. You’ve got the right to say “NO” – use it when someone offers you unhealthy food or advice to be normal!!

2. Take a notepad and write down your goals, dreams and aspirations you have for your life – write these down each morning, every evening and every time you feel lost or weak! These are Your Goal – don’t ever let anybody to come between you and your goals!

Start doing both of those right away. Do them today! Tomorrow might be already too late!



The short term pleasures will lead only to misery. Always include long term in your thinking! The rewards are greater than you and I can ever imagine!

What you start today can become tomorrows realty. Let me know what you focus on every day in the comments below!

Keep going and keep achieving!





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