Should I stop drinking coffee

Should I stop drinking coffee?

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I love coffee. I love the taste, smell and I really love the look of a perfect cappuccino. For a while I even thought it would be impossible to live without coffee. I work in a restaurant as a waitress and being most days in coffee-environment. This might be the reason why I started to feel that I am even addicted to coffee.

Am I addicted to coffee?

After I felt addicted I decided that I need to stop drinking coffee for a while. So I decided that I quit coffee for a week.
Well, the first thing in google is article about coffee that says: “Caffeine is a stimulant to the central nervous system, and regular use of caffeine does cause mild physical dependence. But caffeine doesn’t threaten your physical, social, or economic health the way addictive drugs do.”

Today is 7th day without coffee and after a week without coffee I must say that I agree with the lines above – coffee is a stimulant, but that addictive. For me it has never been “I need coffee in the morning to get going”, for me it has always been I love the taste of coffee and that’s why I drink coffee.

To sum up, I am even surprised how easy it has been for me without coffee. And therefore I am convinced that I am not addicted to coffee – at least not that strongly that should worry me.

Is Coffee Healthy?

Well, it is very complicated question. There have been several studies about coffee and it has shown to have health benefits. However, I must say that lots of milk, cream and sugar in your coffee makes it DEFINITELY unhealthy. So please be careful with what do you drink it 🙂

I like to think that, Yes, it is rather healthy than unhealthy. Especially because I have always had a bit lower blood pressure and a cup of coffee makes me feel much better.




I really think that coffee is an amazing drink and I also believe that it can be beneficial for the health. So my conclusion is, it is not necessary to quit drinking coffee. However, I recommend quitting coffee for seven days to anybody that feels coffee is in control of you.

Most in health you can feel and see how your body reacts and decide based on that reaction.

Let me know in the comments below what do you think about coffee?

Happy Coffee-Time!





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