Start Eating Healthy - Beginners!

Start Eating Healthy – Beginners!

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I know very well that confusing feeling when you know you don’t eat as healthy as you could but you don’t know what to change. Here is a small guide you should read before making changes.

Healthy eating is not as hard as people think! So Start Eating Healthy – Beginners Edition!

Basics – what is Healthy and what is NOT!

Nutrition! Here are the basics you need to know about nutrition.

First of all…

… Calories are not equal. How many calories you eat does matter! However, if you eat very little, but get most of your calories from shitty foods, like deep-fried or high-sugary foods, then this is no way to be healthy.

So, overeating is unhealthy but shitty calories are also unhealthy.


…carbs – they are everywhere! AGAIN, the most important thing you should know about carbs is the QUALITY. You don’t need to avoid carbs just avoid junk food. Vegetables contain also carbs, but very little compared to a muffin or chocolate.

Examples of good carbs to include in your diet are: any vegetables (potato maybe not that much), fruits and berries, whole grains (whole oats, whole grains, like wild rice, whole wheat flour).


…protein – big discussion these days.

Examples of good proteins to include in your diet are: lentils, beans, amaranth, quinoa, tofu, and if you really want, then seafood, eggs, plain yogurt (e.g. greek yogurt), cheese and lean meats (like turkey, chicken or lean beef)

…fats – the thing most don’t get. You need to eat fat! But only FATS, that are from healthy sources and you NEED very little of it. Any fat (healthy or unhealthy) is a high calorie food, so you get needed amount from very little portion.

Examples of good fats to include in your diet are: OLIVE OIL, coconut oil, avocados, nuts and seeds.
So to conclude: Define what foods you typically eat are healthy and which foods are unhealthy.

Eliminate unhealthy foods from your diet

Deep down we all know what’s healthy and what’s not.

That blueberry muffin sounds so good and healthy, but deep down you know it’s not healthy at all!

All those donuts, deep-fried stuff (like french fries), all the cakes, biscuits, ice cream and all the meat- and cheele-like products, that have too much additional ingredients are really unhealthy and I know you know that.

Those foods are the biggest reason:

– why you have cravings,

– why you gain weight,

– and why you feel so sleepy and tired after eating!

Have you ever though about how you can eat big pile of ice cream so quickly, but eating some amount of vegetables is soo hard?

…well, I can explain it to you – fat and carbs (sugar) are irresistible – your body doesn’t have “STOP”-sign for fat and carbs combined together. The body doesn’t register that you ate and you don’t feel full, but the cravings only increase the more you eat!

The less you eat bad food, the less you WANT to eat bad food.

So your task here is simple:

  1. Define what foods in your diet are unhealthy, craving increasers
  2. Decide to eliminate those from your diet

To sum up: Decide what are the unhealthiest foods in your diet right now and decide to not eat them for a while. If you need, you can start with 10 day challenge – for 10 days you will not eat those unhealthiest foods of your diet.

Start to add normal foods to your diet

What eating normally means? Well, having normal dishes like rice and vegetables or salad. Having whole-grain porridge for breakfast.

Best if you cook yourself – most foods are healthier, when you make them at home, rather than buy ready-made meals.

Don’t make it your goal, but just to make an example what’s healthier:

… even if you cook a muffin from start to end with a bit healthier ingredients like honey as a sweetener, whole flour instead of regular flour, the result will be a lot of healthier.

The best thing you should include in your diet are VEGETABLES. They are very easy to make and their quite cheap as well. I like froze vegetable mixes – some have spiceses also included in the package, some don’t. I just thow them on a pan with some extra virgin olive oil and fry them in low heat – it’s so easy and fast to make and I really like the taste! 😀

Plus you can add to those vegetable mixes curry or any other spice which makes the whole meal even healthier.

Additionally, if I want some extra protein I add some crushed almonds or other nuts to the mix or I just fry an egg with my vegetables.

Second thing, what is quite easy to add are healthier proteins:

  • Tofu – you can fry or cook it in oven with vegetables (it’s really fast)
  • Lentils – you can cook them in pot with some water on a low heat and then add to your vegetables (very good source of protein and fiber). Takes a bit longer – half an hour or so, but their cheaper then buying tofu or meat for each meal. Plus you can store them for quite a while.
  • Quinoa – very fast and simple to make and quite cheap as well. However, I don’t recommend you eat it every day, plus be sure you buy whole grain quinoa!
  • Beans – they are all excellent source of protein, they are cheap and ready to eat when you buy with can. However, I don’t like to eat them often, plus when you buy in can, then definitely read the label – some have added sugar or too much salt.

To conclude: Choose what healthy foods are easiest and best for you to include in your diet, and make a decision to add some of them in your diet every day! Plus I highly recommend you pick one day in week, when you eat only plant-based foods (and that doesn’t mean potato chips!!!!)

Don’t listen all that others say!

There is so much info about what’s healthy and what’s not. Some work for you, some don’t – you just have to test what seems right and if you feel better, more energized and lighter than do it again and again.

In my opinion you should listen to your body – because it knows what it needs!

However, sometimes you can’t listen even your body!

The problem lies in the way you have been eating in the past! If you have been eating junk food and a lot of processed foods (they have a lot of ingredients that should not be in there, like preservatives and flaworants) – then your body only craves for more junk foods. And that is a big problem! If you feel like your body tells you “Eat that muffin! I need it!”, then trust me rather than your body 🙂


To Sum Up: Decide that you test and seek until you find what works for you.


Eliminate the unhealthiest foods in your diet.




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