Stay Healthy – build Your own Support System!

Stay Healthy – build Your own Support System!

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Health is not something that is constant without any effort. Health can become a habit but only when practiced regularly. In this article I am going to talk about a topic that haven’t got enough attention in my opinion.

Support system

How good is Your support system? I can tell You – mine is so awesome it is totally through the roof!

First of all, to clear things up, support system is a system that keeps me on track and going forward on the right direction. In my life, there has been lots of bad decisions, lots of missteps and support system has helped me a lot to get over and learn from my mistakes.

In my opinion, the support system can either create chaos in your head or keep you on track and going. There are always some not so perfect situations. And I have experienced that an amazing support system lifts me up and I have really grown through those though times. On the other hand, I have experienced what it means when you have practically zero support.

What or Who is support system?

For me, support system is mostly my significant other – my lovely partner in life. What makes him so special? He is always calm and balanced. I just know he loves me no matter what happens. And from the moment I got him in border to eat healthy than my life got so much easier.

For example, even when we eat sweets then we always eat healthier versions of the desserts. Also, it is much easier to stay healthy when you cook healthy food for the whole family. Also, I just have to point out my partner is very consistent in everything he does, so since he has decided to be healthy he really is – sometimes even healthier than me!

Support system can also mean environment, and be built by habits and routines. However, in my experiences people are much stronger support than environment can be. You can test what is the best for You!

Take the time to bring Your family and/or closest friends on board!

The effort is really worth it! This is so helpful for yourself and others when you all are on the same page about health topics. Think about what they can gain – better and more stable mood, more energy, better immune system, which overall means less diseases. Additionally, they can prevent having all kinds of terrible diseases.

There must be something they really want, what healthy eating can help them have. Share with them Your thoughts and maybe even some studies about the topic they could be interested.


Support system is the most important, when situation gets hard. Then having an amazing support system really counts. It brings You forward and closer to Your dreams.

Take control for Your life and build your support system by bringing Your close circle on board with health!

Have an amazing day!






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