The Superkey to Health – Plastic Boxes!!!

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I would have never thought I every day take my lunch and dinner with me in a box!!

Preparation is really a blessing – I love to be prepared and I love to control my environment as much as I can!

Why I make and take my food with me every day?

I take my own food because it is just so much easier. Especially, after I decided to be vegan I feel very uncomfortable if I don’t know exactly what my food contains.

Being convinced that such slight form of anxiety is healthy, means that I that when I don’t know for sure my food doesn’t contain any dairy etc. I just won’t eat it!

So the main reason why I take my food with me is that I want to know that my food is pure, plant-based wholefood! I want to achieve awesome health and I don’t want any avoidable risks. Being prepared brings so much peace into my heart it’s almost indescribable.

Second reason why I love my boxes…

I don’t need to worry about potion sizes – I have already thought it through. I can just eat my food without thinking whether I can eat all of it or not.

Again, I can not stress this enough – preparation is the key to calm and self-confident mind. I deeply recommend you start a habit of making Your own food and taking it with you to work or school.

It’s easier and cheaper!

This way You really save money because You are not spending Your money on snacks and “healthy” to-go foods. You get highly nutritious and delicious food (if you dedicate to it!).

Plus you avoid the need to think about what to eat!


Taking Your own food is cheaper and much healthier than eating out! You save a lot of time because You are prepared and don’t need to think anymore what to eat!

I believe You do an awesome job in preparing Yourself!

Let me know what are Your thoughts on the topic down below!

Keep Building Health Habits!


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