What do You need – Carbs or Fat

What do You need – carbs or fat?

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For the longest time I was convinced that fat is the key. That carbs make me fat, and fat helps me lose weight and keep me satisfied.

Well, I must say – it really hasn’t paid off. All the effort and I’m still in trouble 🙂


Both are essential building blocks

I have been researching health topics for four years now. There is awful amount of very convincing, yet contradictory information in the internet. One source says honestly and sincerely one thing, while other is completely different but as sincere and truthful, and third opinion is as logical as others but says unbelievable and totally opposite things.

Moreover, all those sources are backed by science. I am just amazed how science can prove something and at the same time prove the opposite.

Additionally, I, myself, have tested them all:

  • high-carb and low-fat;
  • high-fat and low-carb
  • just high protein.

However, truth seems to be closest to “JUST EAT REAL FOOD!”

And the reason why I think that real food is the solution is because, all of those diets seemed to work properly and produce excellent results as long as I ate low-processed, low-sugar and vegetable based foods, so to say “perfectly”.

At the same time, when I ate too much sugar or too much highly processed foods I gained weight and obviously fat.

Both can be stored as fat

As I mentioned earlier – I managed to overeat on every one of these diets. Then I gained weight, which I was able to lose it when I put the effort in again. So basically, when I ate nicely (wholefoods, low-sugar, low-processed) everything was fine, but when I overindulged the “diet” couldn’t work it’s magic either.

All the excess calories get stored as fat, no matter whether they used to be carbs, or fat, or protein.

The problem with excess weight gain isn’t mainly the diet – it is mainly YOU!

YOU are the key – Diet works only when You do!

I have gained weight AND FAT on a vegan diet. I have also lost weight on a vegan diet. Just like any other diet. In order for the diet to work, You must work. There is no easy way.

Just find a way You like to eat and listen to Your body.

I have found that I like the way I can eat and the way my body feels on a vegan diet. I have never felt so good on any meat, cheese / dairy and eggs consuming diet. It’s just the way I feel. You might feel different and that’s OK.

Just remember no diet can work until YOU do!


There really is no answer, neither carbs or fat can make You slim, lean and sexy. You need tot put the work in. Just find a way that feels the best for You. That helps You accomplish Your goals!

Leave a comment below, tell me do You agree with me or not?

Have a fantastic day!




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