What Is A Healthy Dessert

What is a Healthy Dessert?

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What makes a Dessert Healthy…

Replacing your normal desserts with healthier versions is more effective than trying to stop eating sugar and than binging with the unhealthiest variants! Here are two things you should leave out, to make a dessert healthy:

  1. All purpose flour (or plain flour) because it is high in calories and very low in nutrients. Additionally, it contains gluten, which has shown to not be the best for us…
  2. Granulated sugar because it has no nutrients and is high in calories. Moreover, refined sugar has shown to be even more addictive than cocaine…

Powerful All-Natural Ingredients Can Make A Dessert Work Towards Your Goal!


If you can’t resist your desire to eat sweets every day, and weight is your main concern…

…than switching to healthier version of dessert is exactly what you need – right ingredients can make you even burn fat instead of usual fat storing effect. Healthier dessert also helps you to eat mindfully and look food as your fuel not your weak desire.


(Best easy vegan dessert recipes)


And Because A Healthy Dessert Can Be So Good For You, There Is Absolutely…

  • NO need for you to stress about eating a dessert…
  • NO worrying about whether you’ll lose weight or not…
  • NO hiding your desserts and your sweet tooth nature…
  • NO wasting days of binging with sweets that result in weight gain!
  • NO need to do the workout that anyways doesn’t work πŸ˜‰


Best of All: Healthy Desserts Taste Even Better Than Regular Ones!

Healthy Desserts contain lots of nutrients a body needs and even some nutrients you can’t have from anywhere else.

The only reason I can even say that, is because it is true!

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What Are Basic Ingredients Of A Healthy Dessert…


  • VEGETABLES……are very high in fiber and protein, while being very low in calories, which is amazing for a dessert that usually is extremely high in calories. Moreover, vegetables contain essential vitamins that are very hard to absorb from anywhere else!
  • FRUITS……give your dessert nice and sweet taste, while giving you a whole pile of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are also high in fiber, which prevents your body from storing all that energy in fat!
  • Beans, legumes……can add great amount of protein and fiber to your dessert, so that you will feel fuller for longer. That will result in you eating less and prevent you from overeating and weight gain.
  • NUTS and SEEDS:are high in calorie, but extremely low on sugar! They give your dessert nice and rich taste. Also, they are high in fat, protein and fiber – this combination gives your body a signal: BURN FAT! πŸ˜€
  • CACAO…if you like the taste of cacao, than I am happy to tell you that cacao is one of the best ingredients of a healthy dessert. Cacao is very rich in fiber, but contain also high amounts of protein and fat. Cacao is very high in Iron and Magnesium, which are essential for our body!

Why Whole Foods?

Because these are all high nutrient foods. Which means they contain lots of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they have nice combination of high fiber, high protein and fat and low amount of sugar.

Whole Foods are essential in our diet! They add lots of diversity – all the different minerals, vitamins, which are all indispensable. We all need that kind of diversity in order to be truly healthy.


Your Healthy Dessert Can Never Consist Of:

  • All-purpose flour/ plain flour…This is usually main component in pastries, pies and cookies…

    …well, I have good news for you – in most recipes you can replace it with flour that is actually good for you! And where you can’t replace it, you can leave the flour completely out or change the recipe till no flour is needed or left out!

  • Pure/ Plain/ Table sugar – Refined sugar…If anything on this planet is pure EVIL it is refined sugar 😈😈😈

    There are a lot of different natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar and so on…

    …but, I recommend you don’t even use those, at least in most desserts! I recommend you achieve nice and sweet taste with fruits (like bananas or dates), or just by including berries (e.g. strawberries, blueberries) in the recipe.

  • Any processed foods, such as cookies, pies, croissantsNote: if you make these at home FROM START with healthy ingredients, these can be very good for you, but leave out usual processed foods you can buy from any store – they are extremely unhealthy and weight gain promoting!


Is A Healthy Dessert Low Calorie…


Now, after all this component changing and replacement, is the healthy dessert low calorie?

I am very sorry to tell you: NO!

No matter how healthy and good it is for you. Overall calories usually stay in the same range as normal dessert is.

Why to make all those replacements and right ingredient choosing?

Because, the quality of the calories MATTERS the most!

Quality calories – the ingredients above – make You satisfied with the dessert! And unlike normal dessert, a Healthy Dessert will reduce your sugar cravings, overeating and tiredness, that usually appears after consuming sweets.


How To Make Your Dessert Low Calorie…


Eat only a SMALL PORTION. This is a nice little trick You can use with all the foods you consume. Eating from a smaller plate is a known way to eat fever calories without feeling deprived. However, smaller plate might just not be enough. You have to decide that “Dessert” is a dessert “because of the small portion”. This decision will help you a lot!

Especially, if you prepare a healthy dessert by yourself. Decide to eat it small portion at a time! This also helps you to save money and build great friendships…

…you don’t have to make new dessert every day πŸ™‚ and you can share your awesome dessert with your friends!


Final Verdict: Is A Healthy Dessert Worth It?

Answer: Yes!

Bottom line:

  • Ingredients DO matter…
  • Portion sizes make it low calorie or high calorie…
  • Make healthy dessert yourself and save hundreds of days of binging
  • It’s important that you Lose Weight Right Now…Because If You DON’T, your body won’t go back as beautiful, even if you lose weight!
  • Find the Best Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes over here ==>



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