What is the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian?

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So what is the difference between Vegan and Vegetarian? It seems not that big of a deal…

…well… I must say the difference is definitely bigger than it seems from the outside!

How high are Your standards?

The vegetarian diet is meat free – but it allows to consume milk (dairy products) and eggs. It is not so strict as is the vegan diet.

I like to look at it this way:

  1. Vegetarians compromise – they still support animal products, but hide it in “I’m not eating meat!”
  2. Vegans seem strict, but are actually free…
    1. Free from indecision (they are strictly against all animal consumption and they are strict in showing it)
    2. Free from compromising – they are more confident, because they are true to what they believe and true in showing it!
    3. Free from cheese – it has been shown to be addictive 🙂 – and I have experienced that addiction myself!
  3. Vegans have higher standards and therefore the results are more effective

I have been vegetarian for a few months and I can say that except e bit lighter feeling I didn’t feel that much of a difference. Now, I have been vegan for 8 days and I have seen already changes on and in my body. This is really amazing.

Studies show the same…

-studies have shown that vegetarians and vegans have quite different health readings. They have also shown that by different health measures vegetarians have a lot more in common with meat-eaters than vegans.

That is really interesting in my opinion. Although vegetarians seem to be disciplined and strict they may still be consuming lots of milk, cheese and eggs. As far as I understand, most dairy products react in our body similarly to eating meat.

Why milk is so addictive?

Short answer – Mother Nature doesn’t want to leave anything by the chance.

Long answer – milk is designed to feed a baby (whether a human, cow or any other mammal baby) until the child is strong enough to hunt, gather and chew its own food. Now, think about a situation like this for a moment – a mother feed baby, baby goes to play with other children, baby doesn’t want/ feel the need to come home anymore, the baby dies because of hunger.

In order to avoid such situation has Mother Nature added in milk (whether cow’s, human’s or any other mammal’s) additionally to the good vitamins, minerals, microbiome and so on, some addictive ingredient – so that a baby that goes out to play feels the need to return to mother.

This is very good and effective way to preserve and flourish the species, but very unnecessary to grown humans or any grown mammal in fact.

So as You can see, cheese is addictive because of the addictive milk its made of. Stop eating cheese and other dairy products and you will see amazing changes in Your body!


Vegans don’t eat any animal product even no dairy, eggs, honey and they don’t even wear leather! They truly might have more restrictive diet, but at least they know why they are so strict. Moreover, they see amazing results that are extreme, compared to the results vegetarian diet achieves.

Leave a comment down below – do You agree or not? Do vegans have higher standards or are they just strict?

See You Soon


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