What is Vegan Food

What is Vegan Food?

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It seems so easy question with an easy answer, but if you want to go a little deeper you will discover the whole rabbit whole. As far as I know some people out of knowledge, some out of interest define “vegan food” quite differently. Official definition is

What is Vegan Food?

Basically vegan food is plant based food. By definition of www.atasteofhealth.org vegetarian diets are typically “broken into three or more groups include lacto-ovo vegetarians (whose diets include eating dairy products and eggs), lacto vegetarians (who eat dairy, but avoid eggs), and vegan vegetarians (those who avoid animal products altogether).”

Vegetarian diets are as old as 700 years B.C. Which means those diets have been along for a very long time.

Veganism – that strict vegetarianism – has been among us for a bit less.

So honey isn’t vegan?

No it is not 🙂 I know I am sad too – it tastes amazing 😀

But honey is vegetarian, just like eggs and dairy are. I am most of the time vegetarian 🙂

Also think it is important to make clear that leather and real fur coats are also not vegan. However, they are, like honey in food, vegetarian versions of clothing.


Is Vegan Food Always Healthier?

No, it is not! Those vegan burgers and pizzas that have ingredients list that’s longer than snickers and have more complicated named ingredients than most of unhealthy foods have.

However, mostly vegan and vegetarian diets have bigger amount of vitamins and minerals then our usual diets have. Also, they have been shown to be healthier just because our regular diets doesn’t include that much salad and vegetables, which both are extremely beneficial and healthy.


Vegan diet is stricter version of vegetarian diet. Vegans don’t eat any animal product (even honey, eggs and dairy) while vegetarians might eat some of them.

Vegan or vegetarian diet is not necessarily mean they are healthier. However, they have shown to be most of the time healthier. So it depends on who is that person behind that diet and what is his/ her purpose of being vegan – is it to be healthy or protect animal or both.




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