What – Vegan Cheese?

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I used to love cheese – It truly was one of my favorite foods in the world. After I became vegan, I had already accepted the fact that I can not eat cheese anymore. Then one day I surfed the internet about vegan foods and I found all kind of vegan foods. The one that I was most amazed made me ask “What – Vegan Cheese? No way it even exists!”

Humans are crazy…

It is just unbelievable what we have invented. The cheese variants seem endless – almond cheese, cashew cheese (e.g. cashew brie, cashew mozzarella), tofu Gouda and so on and on. Tofu Gouda

(((This is pic of Tofu Gouda – author http://www.onegreenplanet.org/…)))

I have never felt so exited about the food as right now when I found that I could still enjoy my favorite food in the world without consuming animal milk.

I feel just so relieved and exited that I had to share this with You guy’s and girls.


Since we are amazing in developing food we actually no longer need any meat or animal product to make our taste buds happy.

What is the most amazing vegan version of food you have found?

Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy the adventure!


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